Welcome to Northside Celebrate Recovery 

Celebrate Recovery meets at the Northside Church of Christ building on Thursday at 6:30pm each week. On the 2nd Thursday of each month they usually have a fellowship meal starting at 5:30pm. 

Recovery is for anyone who would like to recover from hurts, habits or hang-ups that life has produced.  It is for men and women desiring to be freed from whatever it is that keep us from experiencing the fullness of God in mind, body and spirit.  For example, CR is for:

  • The woman who lives with the pain of never feeling she’s worth anything to anyone.
  • The young lady who is a people-pleaser and has no boundaries in her relationships.
  • The man who has tried to fill his needs by controlling others.
  • The person who began years ago to allow substances to take over their life.
  • The couple whose habits have caused instability, distance, and anger.
  • The person who has experienced marriage relationship difficulties.
  • The man whose anger is his first response to problems which result in broken  relationships.
  • The man/woman who cannot trust.
  • A woman/man with unhealthy food habits.